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Excursion in St.Petersburg

Hello, my name is Natalia and I live in Saint  Petersburg, Russia. I work as a English speaking guide, Russian/English interpreter and translator for English  speaking travelers. I provide different tours and excursions, mostly historicals -Saint Petersburg city tour by walk and by car. My mobile tel. 8-921-343-96-38 , You can write me abonent563@yandex.ru

I am glad to welcome You on my website.

 I’m a unique guide historian of St. Petersburg, with a University education PhD-cultural studies and long experience in tourism, which is very rare in the tourist service. Tours-budget can be agreed.

I studied arts history and I work with individual tourists and small groups from all over the world.


I invite You to the former capital of the Russian Empire on a fascinating journey! If You want to spend a week or three days in St. Petersburg and to get acquainted with our cultural capital, I will help You to love with all my soul this Great City — so how can I show You not only the architectural and Museum attractions, but also to talk about Tsarist Russia, the House of Romanov  with  a deep level, because my knowledge is based on the study of archives, photo archives and the archives of the Russian Empire.

You can discover rich and heroic history of St. Petersburg, Leningrad (former name) easier with your own private guide .

The city of St. Petersburg is wellknown as Venice of the North, the city of Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy, city of such great Museums as: The Hermitage, St. Isaac Cathedral, Russian Museum, Church of the Spilled blood,  Catherins palace, Summer Palace of Peter the Great,Marin Museum, monumnets of Siege of Leningrad and  Second World War etc.

I’d like to offer you different guided tours and excursions in and around Saint Petersburg .Various city tours are available:  Peter and Paul fortress, Nevsky prospect-the main street of St.Petersburg, The Saviour of the spilled blood, Kazan Cathedral, historical boat tour along canals and Neva river.

My tours  full of  great knowledge of the great historical past of our Russian Empire and familiarity with recent art-historical research. It is also the view of our historical past through stories and anecdotes about Peter, and the result of a careful study of the history of Tsarist Russia and Imperial St. Petersburg.

This great city was created by several generations of the House of Romanov, and their outstanding role in building and creation of Culture is huge, and during our communication   You will discover. On the basis of this Culture was grown numerous generations of the Russian people. Our task in this difficult time — this Culture to preserve and pass on to future generations — is the key to the Revival of Russia.

There are excursion to Saint Petersburg suburbs — former Tzar’s Summer residences: Pushkin where you can visit Catherin’s palace with famouse Amber room, Pavlowsk, Peterhof – The Russian Versaille (we can go there by boat from the Hermitage).

Individual historic tours of St. Petersburg is a unique authoring, which help to enter into the past of this Great city, they leave a large footprint and encourage to read history books and learn more about themselves, the capital of the Russian Empire — the city that played a huge role in the development of Russia as a great Power.

I promise that You will be interested to listen to me because I am a historian and art historian by training, and I can tell a lot about the great past of the Royal city. In tourism, I have been working for 20 years. I am one of the creators own historical sites, books on art and history.

Private tours in St. Petersburg attractive for couples, families with children and for anyone who loves private approach to relaxation and excursions. An important feature and advantage of such a trip is a unique work of historian-guide which will be entirely absorbed only You and Your relatives, friends, colleagues.

Note the unique historical tours: Museums and palaces of the Northern Capital»,» Orthodox St. Petersburg». Imperial St. Petersburg is the brainchild of the Romanov dynasty», «St. Petersburg era of Nicholas II», «Culture of Imperial Petersburg, Tsarskoye Selo, Pavlovsk, Peterhof-the city of fountains», Kronstadt , GATCHINA, ORANIENBAUM.
Never have to stand in line!

Visit the new Museum of Carl Faberge in Saint Petersburg:

1/  Imperial St. Petersburg with a visit to the Russian Museum-4 to 5 hours. The Russian Museum today is the world’s largest Museum of Russian art, founded by the emperors Alexander III and Nicholas II.

Костюмированный бал 1903 года.

2/Tsarskoye Selo, visiting palaces and parks -6 hours , includes a visit to the Catherine Palace with the Amber room, Catherine Park, the Alexander Palace (with a comfortable van or car).

You can choose what places in City you would like to visit and we can make a custom individual program for you!

I can also recommend good places to buy souvenirs and gifts.

If you like Dostoevsky novels, I can make an individual tour for you: St. Petersburg of Dostoevsky to see districts, places, apartment where the great Russian writer-Dostoevsky  and his heroes lived and worked.

Summer-White Nights is the highest tourist season in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

There are beautiful white nights from the end of May till the end of July. It is an unforgettable time for Russians and for people from all over the world.

3/Peterhof, the Russian Versailles, visiting palaces and parks -6 hours (with a comfortable van or car)

In winter we have white days where there is beautiful snow and ice on rivers and canals. You can enjoy warm St. Petersburg atmosphere in cafes and restaurants. Taste traditional Russian dishes: Solyanka soup, Chicken Kiew, Pelmeni, Borsch, Russian salad — Stolichniy and taste traditional Russian drinks. Also in winter, you will have more time for museums and shops.


Pavlovsk is the residence of Emperor Paul’s First visit to the Palace and Pavlovsk Park — 5 hours (with a comfortable van or car).

During the winter apartment’s rental can be cheaper (except Christmas and New Year’s Eve) and tourists can avoid crowds of visitors in most tourist areas of Saint Petersburg  like museums and other tourist attractions.
As an additional service I can book theater tickets to the Imperial Mariinsky theatre also

4/Orthodox Petersburg -5 hours by minibus or car (includes a visit to the Alexander Nevsky monastery, the Kazan Cathedral, Smolny monastery).

5/Imperial St. Petersburg with a visit to the Hermitage-5 hours. The Hermitage today it is the largest Museum in the world, created by many generations of the Ruling Romanov dynasty.